June 27, 2014

15 patriotic party ideas

I'd love to host a backyard barbecue to celebrate Independence Day one year. This year, we're going to be out of town for the holiday: we're leaving for Chattanooga, Tennessee next week and we plan to watch fireworks over the Tennessee River. We'll probably eat restaurant barbecue, and possibly hit up a hot dog stand or an ice cream shop or two during the week.

On the Fourth, we usually barbecue at Eric's parents' house and head downtown in the evening for the annual fireworks show. I'm looking forward to the break from tradition this time, and I can't wait to see how folks in Chattanooga like to celebrate. We'll definitely spend some time breaking from touristy things to explore the local fare.

If you're planning a soiree for Independence Day, I did some legwork for you and found some ideas to put the yum (and fun) in your Fourth:


  1. Grilled salmon burgers, topped with a flag (pictured).
  2. Pretty and festive patriotic outdoor party decorations.
  3. Free printable patriotic pennant banner (pictured).
  4. Why not make your grass festive, too? Love this idea for making a starry lawn.
  5. Candy-dipped 4th of July marshmallow pops (pictured).
  6. Fireworks-inspired sparkly drink stirrers
  7. All-American potato salad recipe (pictured).
  8. DIY painted patriotic picnic utensils (pictured).
  9. It's not a party until you bring our the watermelon stars on a stick (pictured).
  10. There's a patriotic surprise inside this cake. 
  11. I dig this "county fair" themed party, but I especially love the "red, white and berry" infused water in festive Mason jars (the post includes free printables, too! -pictured).
  12. Drop some fun and fruity star-shaped ice into your berry-infused water while you're at it.
  13. Candy-filled firecracker party favors.
  14. Stage a flag hunt for the kids.
  15. For the grown-ups: unwind with one of these festive all-American cocktails at the end of the day.

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