June 23, 2014

fun in the sun.

When I was a kid, my mom packed a huge tote bag with snacks and sunscreen and headed to the pool with my sister and I in tow several times each week. The pool was hands-down the best thing about summer. As far as I'm concerned, the rest of summer can bite it. The pool? It's the one thing I miss once winter rolls back around.


That picture was taken last summer: Seth pretending his fingers are goggles. That kid is hilarious when he wants to be! And this summer, he's stir-crazy. See, a little while back, a tornado took out the pool we used to swim in (along with most of the familiar landscape on my in-laws' acreage just outside of town).



Eric's parents have been debating for the past couple of months since the tornado occurred whether they should get the swimming pool replaced or not. The insurance company did pay to replace the pool, but they didn't pay for a lot of the costs incurred from removing trees and debris. Fortunately, some volunteer organizations from the surrounding communities helped with some of the labor to pick up the mess and last weekend, my in-laws finally went shopping for a new pool.

Until the new pool is installed, we have to find other ways to cool off in the summer heat. Here's some of the things we've done so far this summer:















  1. Meeting girls at the zoo splash pad.
  2. Puddle-ducking.
  3. Riding on daddy's back in the river (cousin Jacob beside).
  4. Finding shade under the tent...
  5. ...with a new book loaded onto the Kindle on my lap.
  6. Charging at mommy with water gun in hand.
  7. Teaching baby bro to splash on the shore.
  8. Riverside with good friends is best.
  9. A bucket full of water balloons.
  10. Getting ready to nail daddy.
  11. Bullseye!
  12. Reloading.
  13. "Catch!"
  14. When the balloons are gone, the hose will do.
  15. All that remains.

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