June 20, 2014

on my plate | spaghetti-almost-carbonara

Food is important to our family. I've made good eating a priority- we may bargain and sacrifice when it comes to buying new clothes, toys, and home goods, but I want to make sure that my family eats better than average. At the grocery store, I try to avoid buying packaged foods as much as possible and do most of my shopping on the perimeter of the store, buying fresh meats, vegetables and fruits whenever I can.


On this particular evening, I tried an herb and buttered spaghetti recipe and opted to add bacon to the recipe. I baked the bacon in the oven, then chopped it up and added it to the prepared spaghetti recipe after all the other steps. Later, I realized that I was only one step away from spaghetti carbonara (I only omitted the eggs).

I served the spaghetti-almost-carbonara with steamed brussels sprouts and a small garden salad, and we had watermelon chunks to finish the meal on a sweet note. Eric's only complaint was that he couldn't eat enough of it. I'll definitely use this meal again (though next time, I think I'll try to make a bona fide carbonara dish).

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