July 21, 2014

I'm feeling wanderlusty.

Today, the boys and I will be traveling north a little ways with my parents. Daddy had surgery at a clinic in Huntsville to repair his hearing about a year ago, and he's returning for a little tweak to the bones in his ear canal tomorrow morning. They need me to be his driver after the outpatient procedure because my mom isn't in good enough health to drive long distances. We plan to treat the trip like a holiday and take the kids to the Space and Rocket Center while my dad's in surgery.

As if that weren't enough, we're planning an (almost) impromtu trip to the beach for this weekend. We'll load up and head to Panama City Beach on Friday afternoon after Eric gets off work. We haven't decided yet if we'll take two cars so that I can stay a little longer with the kids. My aunt has a house two blocks from the beach and this trip will be a family reunion, because it's been years and years since our little family was all together.

Due to our sketchy schedule over the next two weeks, I may be posting only sporadically. In the meantime, you can check in with me on Instagram and Twitter. Have you followed me yet? I'd love to see you there!

In honor of all the traveling we've got up our sleeves, I thought I'd share some wanderlust-y pics straight from one of my Pinterest boards! I wouldn't be surprised to see any of these show up on my "100 Wishes" list at some point... If you like these images, see t h e r e for more:


Image Sources: Turks and Caicos | Positano, Italy | Wasatch National Forest, Utah | Morocco (by Jose Villa- original image no longer posted) | Milos, Greece

I'd love to travel more than we do. I know it's just this season of life we're in- me having no income and spending my days raising small children and Eric working seven days a week to keep us fed. One day, I hope we can take these boys all over the world! There's so much Creation begging to be seen.

Walt Whitman quote
Image Source, edited under Creative Commons license.

Do you travel? What's your favorite place to visit? Are there any places you dream of visiting one day?

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