July 7, 2014

on my plate | sunday morning biscuits

Sometimes, I wake up on Sunday morning with a craving for old-fashioned biscuits. Every now and then, I give myself over to the urge. And there's nothing like homemade biscuits, fresh from the oven! (This post should come with a soundtrack. Sorry, I had to do it!)

Sunday morning biscuits

I've tried several recipes, but this buttermilk biscuit recipe from A Family Feast is my favorite by far. They are so light, so fluffy- not at all dense or dry, and perfectly sweet. Here's a trick: did you know that you can "make" buttermilk by adding a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of whole milk? I do this step before mixing any of the other ingredients, and by the time I'm ready to mix in the milk, it has soured and thickened to the perfect consistency.

Other than baking, I wouldn't use buttermilk. But it always reminds me of my great-aunt, who we called "Nana". She kept buttermilk in her refrigerator all the time. Nana's house was far from fancy, and her cooking was simplicity at its finest. We always had fresh vegetables from her garden and chocolate cake for desert. I'm pretty sure she'd approve of buttermilk biscuits on Sunday morning.

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