July 14, 2014

our chattanooga vacation (part two)

Well, hello again Monday! I want to tell you all about my weekend, but honestly- I don't have the energy. There were some wonderful happenings, but in the middle of all of it, our air conditioning unit went kaput. Saturday's weather was so mild that the house was still bearable. I covered all the windows with blankets, turned the fans on high and we rode it out. Sunday, we came home after spending the day with family and the house had turned into a sauna. I packed the kids up and we went to spend the night with my parents, and I'll be looking for an AC repair service today!

I originally scheduled this post for Friday, but then God prompted me to post something else. I planned to write about Serve Day for today's post- and believe me, I will soon. Now my blog schedule is upside down and the type-A part of my brain is having convulsions just thinking about it! (#FirstWorldProblems) I imagine I'm the only one bothered by all this, so let's move on... I promised more pictures from our vacation.

I really can't decide what my favorite thing about Chattanooga was. I'll be honest, by the end of our trip, I was getting a little homesick. At the same time, there are some things that made me want to stay. Seth definitely wants to move there, no question. And I could probably feel right at home in a little time, myself!

I like the atmosphere. Chattanooga has a certain artsiness- a je ne sais quoi that makes me feel welcome and inspired. Heck, the town has it's very own typeface, have you heard? I like the city-wide commitment to sustainability. The people we met were beyond friendly.  Given the opportunity, I think I'd hop at the opportunity to put down roots in a city like Chattanooga!

As promised, the second installment of photos from our Chattanooga vacation:


















  1. Petting stingrays at the Tennessee Aquarium.
  2. "Look, Daddy! A butterfly landed on me!"
  3. Light streaming through the mist in the tropical butterfly habitat.
  4. Seth's favorite thing about the aquarium is the penguin exhibit. He loved watching them dive.
  5. Well, hello. 
  6. Mesmerizing view underwater.
  7. Little mister fell asleep. 
  8. Note that we left the aquarium with a stuffed shark in tow. His name is Gill (because sharks have gills), and he goes where we go.
  9. Splashing in the hotel pool.
  10. Chattanooga's public bicycle rack ($6 for a one day rental).
  11. The last half of our trip, we travelled exclusively on foot. So many things are walking distance from downtown, including the Walnut Street Bridge: longest pedestrian bridge in the world.
  12. Just on the other side of the river from downtown lies Coolidge Park, where we rode the antique carousel.
  13. Splashing around in the fountains in Coolidge Park.
  14. We stopped for shaved ice on the way back downtown.
  15. The patriotic and festive umbrella display outside the Creative Discovery Museum, where we participated in the annual Red, White and Blue Day party on July 4th before heading home.
  16. Splish, splash.
  17. Pretend play in the river boat-esque playground galley.

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