August 24, 2014

short form.


It's been about six weeks ago that I checked out all these books from the library, and I've only finished one of them. One, I had to return before I could finish it because another patron had put a hold on it. And one, I'm slowly plodding through and contemplating returning this week without finishing. And then there's two of them I really want to read but just can't do it.

And there's more I can't just get around to reading- like, your blogs. I have tried everything in my power to make time for blog reading and returning comments this month, and I'm sucking wind. When did life get so full? When did I start depriving myself of my favorite things?

I'm consciously putting aside the technology more these days to be "all in" with my family and my life, and certainly that contributes. In a lot of ways, though, participating in online community also brings me great joy and there has to be some balance between the two.

I've read about 1,000 books and articles (So, I exaggerate. Sue me! Haha.) about productivity lately and I have yet to hit on a system that really works for me. One book, I actually read two chapters before angrily throwing it at the wall...

I'm giving the bullet journal another go this week and brainstorming some ways to truly work better, allowing myself time to really go deep with you all. I know some of my frustration is due to this season in my motherhood journey, and what works now will not be the same thing that works two years from now, or ten years from now, etc.

My posts probably need to get a little more short-form as well. I can't help myself sometimes (yes, I'm chatty in real life, too!). But maybe I need shut up and listen a little more. Thank you all for returning day after day to hear me out. Perhaps this week, I'll finally get around to returning the favor.

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