August 26, 2014

standard of grace.

I've been thinking this morning about how I (and, I'm sure that you do this, too) expect far too much of myself. I keep myself to such high standards most of the time that when I fail, it hurts miserably. On the way back from dropping Seth off at preschool this morning, I spent some time talking to God about it. About how I am a relentless perfectionist. How I burn myself at both ends until I'm no longer useful. How I take such pride in producing perfect results.

A little later, while doing my morning chores, I was thinking about whether I'd write a blog post this morning or not, and I realized I haven't posted any original images from my DSLR camera in the past five or six posts. Initially, I started to kick myself a bit. I mean, come on! Shouldn't I be working harder to give you guys good content? Goodness knows, you only come here for the pretty pictures. Heck, I'm on the verge of losing half my followers. Don't even look at my Twitter feed from the past few weeks. It's verging on pathetic.

That's when I remembered a quote I'd stumbled on a while back:

Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop. (Ansel Adams)

Even one of the most iconic photographers of all time didn't expect himself to produce perfect work every day. Isn't that a comfort? I know I'm capable of producing high-quality photographs and captivating content, but life "gets in the way". Hasn't that been the conversation we've been having here over the last week? Life trumps perfection. Let's reject that phraseology now (in the way...)- isn't it better to live with a standard of grace for ourselves and others?

Ansel Adams | give me grace

Do your expectations get in the way of embracing the joy in your everyday life?

Image credit: Ansel Adams (public domain) via National Archives, my edit.

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