September 9, 2014

a birthday boy.

Look who's getting older!


Today marks one year with my littlest pipsqueak. Gosh, I love this boy! He is full of light, this kid. I wan't prepared for him and all the joy he'd bring. Thank you, God, for this most amazing year- I pray You give us many more wonderful years to come!

Here's what that boy looked like a few days after we'd settled in at home:


How they grow. Babies don't keep!

And, just in case you thought I had an easy time getting his one-year portrait, I thought I'd make you an animation from the outtakes:

For those of you interested in things like, oh, nitty-gritty birth stories, Hawk's birth story was featured on our doula's website recently. His coming was much like the rest of his first year- exciting and eager to go!

Happy birthday, elias hawk!

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