September 19, 2014

casual friday | color for fall

So, here's a rundown of the week-

Monday: I cooked a big casserole and all of us trooped over to visit one of our good friends, who had just been discharged after a week's hospital stay. As for my sickness? It took up residence in my head (and on my mouth- a cold sore!) but I was sure it was on the way out.

Tuesday: Hawk had his well-child visit with our pediatrician. Afterward, I let him lick a lollipop to soothe the ouchies from his vaccinations and we went to pick up Seth from preschool. We spent the whole afternoon reading every. Single. Book. We own.

Wednesday: In the morning, I was faced with the option to catch up on comment replies and write a blog post- or nap. The nap won. That afternoon, Eric texts me: "I'm going to work out of town this weekend. Leave tomorrow."

Thursday: My brain still felt like Froot Loops. Eric and I were talking about it the night before- he'd still feeling under the weather a bit, too. The bug we both got had boomeranged back on us, and he told me he'd been feeling in a fog all week- taking twice as long to do normal things at work. I hope the infection hasn't been killing our brain cells! As horrible as that would be, I spent the day more concerned about the fact I'm going to be solo parenting this weekend.

Friday is here! Eric is four hours away in south Alabama but I'm happy he's got the opportunity to crank out some overtime this weekend. Mama's got some shopping to do!


Clockwise, from top left: Aeropostale long-sleeve plaid button-down woven shirt | Brook Brothers foldable felt fedora |  Ralph Lauren leopard print infinity scarf | Keds Champion navy + dot canvas sneakers

These are the kind of things I'm hunting to spice up my basic wardrobe for fall. I need a little courage to be fabulous, will you send me some? I stood in the store the other day hovering over a cheetah-print scarf and I just couldn't do it. I know it's beautiful. I know it's fancy. I love it, but I just couldn't do it. Not yet!

But the time is coming, I promise you. As a matter of fact, I think it's coming soon. The past couple of mornings we've stepped outside into crisp, cool air. Damp but not at all humid. If it weren't for all this danged snot in my head, I imagine I'd have caught a whiff of fall- that heady scent of turning oak leaves and moss and green turning to yellow that signals the season's descent.

I've seen some pictures of bundled up babes and fireplace hearths popping up on Instagram lately. We'll be joining you in fall really soon, my northern friends! My heart is ready to settle into deeper nights and shorter days for a while. I'm ready for days and days of cookies and cocoa and the spices and socks instead of sandals. The deep colors of fall are calling me home!

My favorite color for fall is a Sangria-hued deep purple. what's yours?

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