September 5, 2014

casual friday | floral sneaks

My personal style is naturally very casual. Of course, I have two small children, and our idea of a social event is a playdate at the zoo. Comfort is paramount to fashion trends, and I often opt for a plain-Jane tee and a favorite pair of jeans! I think my ultimate goal is to have a simple closet containing a classic capsule wardrobe.

The past year, it seems my closet has had a revolving door, as I've cycled through maternity clothes, into thrifted jeans and baggy men's tees whose purpose was more to hide my postpartum belly during quick grocery runs, finally into some flattering (but cheap!) shift dresses and more fitted styles for summer. I'm still not where I want to be physically, but I'm about where I was when I first got pregnant with Hawk.

When I get closer to achieving my weight loss goals, I'd like to invest in some really nice clothing pieces that I can wear for years! I don't love fast fashion, but that just happens to be what's practical for me since I don't plan to wear the same clothes I buy this fall for much longer than one season. I hope to be several sizes smaller this time next year!

Lately, I've been buying basic tees, which I pair with basic jeans and cute shoes. I like my accessories to be more on-trend, and I'll be scouting out some cute cardigans this month! I love this flowy style: it's so forgiving for the mama belly. I'll be loving my sandals for a few more weeks, but soon I'll need to replace them with socks and sneaks. Aren't these flowery sneakers the sweetest thing ever? Seriously, my favorite.


Define your personal style in three words or less. EX: Mine is modest, casual, and feminine.

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