September 1, 2014

eat, make, do | v. 01

I'm terrible about saving project ideas on Pinterest and never doing them. Do you do that, too? As much as I love Pinterest- almost as much as coffee, only a little more than chocolate cake- it can be like a black hole for time and motivation. I know I don't want to be a passive consumer of images and ideas, so I thought I'd challenge myself to complete at least one project from my Pinterest boards per week.

Every Monday, I'm going to post three project ideas from my Pinterest feed: one to EAT, one to MAKE, and one to DO. I'll link to a recipe, a crafting project, and a housekeeping or organization project. I'll pick at least one to complete, and next week I'll let you know how it went so you can hold me accountable!

I know there are going to be some weeks when I won't be able to keep up with this personal challenge: life with kids is unpredictable, often chaotic, and things don't always go according to plan. But I'm also sure a little effort will pay off in the sense happiness and pride of accomplishment! Would you like to join in with me? I bet if we make this a habit, we can make some great memories (and maybe learn some new things along the way)!


EAT | Raspberry scones by Flourishing Foodie
MAKE | Clay bead necklaces by designlovefest
DO | How to Organize and Print Years' Worth of Pictures by Lil Blue Boo


Today's a holiday here in the States, and Eric is off work and Seth is out of school. We'll surely be barbecuing at my in-laws' house and hanging out poolside for perhaps the last time this year. I'll get started on my project of choice tomorrow. And if I'm really productive this week, I may be able to tackle all three!

And here's a new thing I'd like to start doing on every post- let's see if I can keep it up...a discussion question! I hope doing things like this will get us all talking and help strengthen this growing Hello Hive community. Love you guys! Have a happy Labor Day!

Where do all your family photographs "live"? Do you print hard copies of your digital photos or do they remain inside your devices?

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