September 29, 2014

eat, make, do | v. 04

We're about to turn the corner into October, people. Can you believe it? This is my birthday week, and the time of year I know we've finally arrived in autumn. We took a walk at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Saturday afternoon, and I saw this most magnificent display of pumpkins outside the gift shop that made my heart leap in my chest. I know it's time now to bring some pumpkins home.

eat make do | v. 04

EAT | Carrot Cake Baked Donuts by The Faux Martha
MAKE | No-Carve Pumpkins by Style Within Reach
DO | DIY Gold + Acrylic Clipboards by Design Sponge

I'll be baking carrot cake  for my birthday, but how about those donuts?! I'm tempted to try them out: you can stick a candle in a donut, can you not? I've passed the era where I get one candle for each year, anyway. I'm too much of a fire hazard now, turning 34 this year and all. I only have one year left before I start the decent to 40, and I don't know how I feel about that. On the one hand, 40 is the new 30. But on the other hand, our culture glorifies youth and it's hard not to feel the sting of growing older.

The good news is, I can honestly say I've never been happier than I am right now. I'm so sure that I'm going to look back on this season as the best of my whole life. I have an amazing husband and these two gorgeous kids. I don't have to spend my days pushing pencils in a cubicle anymore: I get to set my own schedule and make our house a beautiful home and lavish my family with all the love I can muster. I'm a lucky gal, indeed.

Lastly, I'm loving that clipboard idea as a creative way to keep all our scraps together. Our refrigerator is starting to look like a jungle. I might have to make a few of these! I have a strip of wall in the kitchen that would be a perfect place to keep them. I'd also really love to make a creative seasonal display so the no-carve decorated pumpkins are singing to me. It seems I'm having a hard time picking a project for this week! I might try them all.

I don't usually change up my decor by the season, except for Christmas decorations. This is something I'm wondering if I should feel guilty about. I'm just a practical person, ya'll. But I also love pretty stuff. I love looking at other people's pretty stuff and sometimes wish I had pretty stuff of my own, but when I'm looking at the stuff in the store, I think "Hmmmm, this isn't life or death (like, say... food), so maybe I'd rather keep this money in the bank where it can turn a little interest." That's just the way my brain works when I'm faced with buying things.

Money looks better in the bank than on your feet. (Sophia Amoruso in #GIRLBOSS)

This is the same reason I don't do DIY projects very often. I know I'll have a good time, but I don't want to buy the supplies! I broke down and visited the good old Hobby Lobby last week (just because, you know, there was a 40% off coupon in the paper...) and got me some polymer clay so I could make a clay bead necklace similar to the one I posted back in EMD v. 1. I spent $25 altogether on polymer clay, a chain, some jewelry making tools, and a few other things off the clay aisle that I'll be using soon.

And then, as soon as I got home I decided I needed to return some clothes I bought last week to make up for the expense. I followed through after church yesterday, getting back $28 and little bit of peace for my mind. But, goodness. Do I really have to be this way? Sorry, I guess, not sorry.

So, that's my long-winded story about why I put off clothes shopping, seasonal decorating, and DIY crafting, all because I'm a cheap-o penny pincher and overall worry wart. So then, how was your weekend?

Do you rotate home decor seasonally or does your house look the same year-round?

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