September 2, 2014

my 5 favorite things about fall.

In case you missed it- the calendar page has flipped again, and now the buzz has started. Did you hear it? Everyone's talking about it. Fall is in the air! Farewell, summer. You won't be missed.

I can think of many reasons fall is my favorite season of them all. Today, I thought I'd tell you about the top five reasons I love fall!


  1. I love pumpkin everything.
  2. Pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pancakes. Pumpkin kabobs. Fried pumpkin. Pumpkin sandwiches. Pumpkin-stuffed pumpkin. Pumpkin bagels. Pumpkin gazpacho. Pumpkin rice. Pumpkin stew. Pumpkin and shrimp latkes..... I digress, Forrest Gump. Do you get the idea?

  3. Fall is birthday season.
  4. You know what happens. The weather gets cold, mama and daddy get cozy under the covers, and next fall- the babies are happening! That's my guess about why so many people have birthdays in the fall, anyway. Today is Eric's birthday. Next Tuesday is Hawk's birthday. Then my mother-in-law gets her day in the sun, followed by me, quite a few of my friends, my aunt and my dad, and then Eric's dad. What can I say? Let us eat cake!

  5. Layers are my jam.
  6. Fall fashion is the best. In the summer, you can only strip so much in public before you've become highly inappropriate. When it's hot, the only thing that can help is to take a dunk in the closest body of cool water, and that's not always feasible, right?! But when it gets cool in the fall, it's perfectly socially acceptable to pull on that cute little cardigan and a pair of fleece-lined leggings. And when you've got a little extra pudge from all that pumpkin eating? The layers are super forgiving and flattering, even. I always look best in the fall! 

  7. the cozy quilts come out of hiding.
  8. I love my cozy quilts, and I hate looking at them stacked neatly and abandoned, gathering dust in my dark closet all summer. Quilts make me feel like cuddling with my boys. They remind me to slow down and embrace the day more, and at night they remind me to be grateful that I'm safe and protected. The ones handed down to us connect us to our family history.
    Last, but not least...

  9. college football has returned.
  10. Come on, folks. I live in Alabama. You know I've been ready for this! We Southern folk take SEC football pretty seriously, and rare is the person that hasn't claimed a side in one college rivalry or another. As for me, I bleed Crimson red for the University of Alabama- ROLL TIDE! I have to be honest: watching every game has taken a back seat since the kids came along. But there's not much I love more than having the sound of a football game play background to our Saturday activities- the festive marching band music, the shouts of the fans! Few things are as nostalgic for me as college football.

What is your favorite season, and why?

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