September 22, 2014

this is real simple.

I don't have an Eat-Make-Do post for you today, but I know you all are going to try your best to get over the disappointment. See that? That's sarcasm.

So how was your weekend, eh?! I got a taste of solo parenting over the weekend. For all the single moms and army wives with deployed husbands out there, I can't help but give you all serious props! I only have to do it every now and then. Maybe I just need more practice or maybe it's truly the hardest lifestyle in the world and I don't know how you all do it perpetually.

Fortunately, my kids are awesome and we just had a blast with ice cream and cherries on top. Says tired mommy who's had an extra dose of Prozac, haha...


I jest because the weekend really did go pretty smoothly. Besides the fact I didn't get to prepare for this week's posts as I'm in the habit of doing on Saturday afternoons, I did get to do a lot of thinking about future content and the big question: how do I want to be perceived in the blog world?

A few months ago, I dove back into this blogging deal-i-o with a very minimal idea of the direction I wanted to travel. I decided I wanted to try a little bit of everything and see what worked. I'd had a blog before, of course, but I burned out on it from trying so hard to follow what everyone else was doing. It's tough out there- have you noticed? If you don't start this journey with a bit of armor on, you'll get sucked into a comparison trap quicker than you can say "I'm a hipster."

Comparison is that proverbial thief of joy, you know... All the sudden the succulents on your windowsill don't look as green as everyone else's and the white organic linen jumpers your kids are wearing begin to look a little worse for the wear. It's impossible to keep up if keeping up happens to be what you're trying to do.

Letting go of all expectations, I've been pleasantly surprised how things have turned out- it all seems much easier this time- like I've really turned a corner with this thing and got some traction to keep moving along without digging myself in a rut. I'm far more relaxed about  every little nit-picky thing that ever bugged me before: like, sticking to a plan or keeping track of analytics. Come what may, you know? I'm just sharing with you the exact same stuff I might share with my bestest bestie. There's so much freedom in that!

So no, I didn't stick to the editorial calendar when I decided to publish this post. And I'm trying not to over-edit it as I start to wrap it up, either. Let this be my note to you: unfiltered, just as it is and with no fluff in the middle of you and me. Hear me, sister:

You are beautiful. You life is meaningful. Perfection is a lie. Don't try to please people: we can't be pleased anyway. Just love God and love your family/friends/neighbors and do the best you can but don't kick yourself when you stumble. Give yourself a break. Every moment is precious.

With that, I'm headed off to embrace another Monday. Mine shall include a playdate followed by the new issue of Real Simple, a bowlful of candy corn, red toenails, re-writing my editorial calendar for the next few weeks in my bullet journal, and -oh, if I must- probably some laundry, too.

Do you follow an editorial calendar for your blog?

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