October 13, 2014

eat, make, do | v. 05

I don't know about you guys, but as for me and my house, we loooooove a good old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. Who doesn't? Actually, a grilled cheese is all Seth ever wants for lunch these days. As soon as we arrive home from the preschool pickup line, I get out the frying pan and start toasting his sandwich.

Sometimes he wants a slice of ham on it, and for some reason I always have to sneak the butter into the pan because he thinks he won't like it with butter (even though, little does he know that he's been eating grilled cheese made with butter for, like, ever).

My little deception aside, the grilled cheese routine is getting a little old. I'd sure like to switch it up a bit. Maybe we should try it with kale and eggs?

And how about those faux marble planters?! I might seriously do this because I've got some little succulents on my windowsill that would love a new home. It's a super-duper easy DIY- perfect for little old craft-challenged me. And if you think I'm kidding.... well, I'm not. But I'm trying, so give me a little credit, will you?

eat make do | v. 5

EAT | Crispy Kale Grilled Cheese with Fried Eggs by How Sweet It Is
MAKE | Marble Planters by Fall for DIY
DO | How to Create a Media Kit for Your Blog by Holly Marie Designs

Finally, I'm taking notes on the post about creating a media kit for my blog- and lots of other resources, as well. Folks, this little blog it nearing it's six month "half-iversary", and I'm looking at ways to start monetizing my content. Goodness knows, a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do!

I'm doing all you see here for free because I love it. But really now? I've got a family to feed, as well. Eric's been pulling all the financial weight for us for more than a year now, since my unemployment checks dried up. We've been afloat, but just barely. Any small crisis could sink us easily!

I've got a choice here. I can take this something I love and do something with it, or I can quit this and go find ordinary work. I can press into the creative visions I've always carried around with me, or I can put them down and follow a safe road. I'm not ready to give up yet.

I've been busting my booty growing a little following and developing my voice over the last few months. And I've been doing a ton of brainstorming about ways to make my content better. I know you all love to come over here and listen to me ramble on about my ordinary little life (sweet as it is!), but I know I can't keep you entertained just talking about myself all the time.

I really, really, really want your visits to Hello Hive to be rewarding, encouraging, and valuable. And YES. I want you to be addicted so you'll keep coming back for more.

I've beat myself up long enough thinking there's no way I can keep churning out good content, week after week and month after month until.... God knows when. But look at me! It's happening, and you are coming, and I'm just amazed. Now, let's make it better.

In the coming weeks, you'll be seeing a few different kinds of posts from me. I'd like to give you some recipes, maybe (eek!) a DIY or two, even some tips about life and child-raising and blogging and homemaking that I've picked up along the way.

You may see some sponsored content from time to time in the months to come. I promise it will not be an all-the-time occurrence, and you can be sure I will stick to my integrity and only stand behind products I genuinely care about.

OH! And how about this?

!! I sure would like to give some of you some ad space on my empty little sidebar over there --> !!

I know a bunch of lifestyle bloggers charge for ad space, but I'll be honest and tell you that I have a little theory that it's not really worth it. But I'm willing to try a little experiment and see how it goes- I want to help you all out any way I can!

Let's give it a go for a few months and see how it works out- if I really am able to get some of you a nice little boost in your traffic, then maybe I will start offering paid sponsorship packages in the months to come.

Here's what I propose. I'm offering free ads for the next three months. I'll put up your blog button with no strings attached (though I do reserve the right to refuse if I don't think your content is a good fit for my readers, and I will post no more than 10 ads to start).

For three months, I will promote your blog with trackable links and monitor the traffic I'm sending your way. I'd like to get the first ads up soon, and I will keep them up at least until the middle of January. What do you say? Email me if you're interested!

(Here are some stats for you- call this a preliminary media kit if I may:

First post published: June 6, 2014
Posts 3-5 times per week
Topics covered: Lifestyle, Motherhood, Faith, Fashion, Recipes, DIY, Home
Followers via:

  • Bloglovin' - 1,100+
  • Twitter - 1,300+
  • Instagram - 1,300+
  • Pinterest - 1,000+)

So, Who wants to be my guinea pigs?

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