October 31, 2014

halloween, ya'll!

Happy Halloween, ya'll! I'm popping in today to show you some pictures of my wacky, adorable kids in their costumes. These boys are all the entertainment one could ever need, you know? I promise you, never a dull moment around these parts.


I also wanted to fill you in on my week. This first week with Eric out of town has flown by. I knew it was going to be a challenge to keep things going without him around- let me just take a moment to give that man props. Seriously, without my husband, Hello Hive wouldn't be possible at all! He doesn't get much exposure in terms of pictures and whatnot around here, but really? He's all in this blog in so many ways.

At least once a week, he takes the kids away for a while so I can devote undivided attention to writing, photo editing, and networking. Those few hours are precious and productive. Otherwise, he'll wrestle around with them on the living room floor for a while and let me prepare for upcoming posts. That man is gold, I'm telling you. He knows how I love this, and he encourages me to keep going.

After photographing the wedding on Saturday, I woke up sore from head to toe Sunday morning. I was scheduled to serve the early service at church that morning, and I rounded the kids up and headed out the door despite the funk, leaving Eric behind to pack his things for the trip. When we returned, he took us out for lunch and then brought me back home to crash. He took the boys to his parents' house while I napped for several hours, returning just in time to pack up and head out for his three hour drive.


Monday morning, Seth woke up coughing and had a 101 degree fever. I've rarely seen him so sick- he just laid on the couch all day and even took a three hour nap that afternoon. Obviously, I kept him out of school, and we also had to miss his class field trip to the pumpkin patch. I was pretty sad about that, but he accepted my offer to make it up to him by taking a trip to the Walmart toy aisle and we scored a carving pumpkin while we were there.

I was able to work on wedding picture edits while Seth napped Monday afternoon, but the rest of the week has been nothing but an endless cycle of Monopoly Junior (the consolation prize Seth picked), clingy-teething-baby syndrome and trying to keep my head above water (or, really, just the laundry pile). I don't know when I'll ever finish those wedding pictures! I strongly suspect there will have to be some midnight oil involved.


I'll try to be back on a regular schedule for next week. I'm so ready to turn my 1,000 ideas into reality and hungry for the time to do it all. I've had some great opportunities come knocking on my door recently and I want to just embrace them all and run with it! I have to discipline my mind to just s l o w d o w n and take life one thing at a time. Sometimes, that means saying "no"- even to things you really want. "No" doesn't always mean "not ever", you know. Sometimes, I just want to savor the last bite of mashed potatoes before digging into the pumpkin pie. Right? Or is that just me?


Tonight, we're headed over to my favorite girlfriend's house for a Halloween party. She throws the best shindigs- I can't wait! I'm all curious about what you all are doing for Halloween now. Tell me all about it!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

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