October 20, 2014


The next few weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy. Truthfully, I thrive on busy and a little bit of stress! I always do my best work under pressure. At the same time, life has been floating along at such an even keel for so long that I'm a tiny bit unsure of myself right now! Do you ever feel that way?

(I love this amazing free printable quote from #Girlboss via the Crafted Life... sums it up!)

This coming Saturday, I get to check off one of my bucket list items! A dear friend of mine- a sweet girl I've known since she was barely toddling (and I was a teenager then, so now I feel so old telling you this-) is tying the knot, and she's asked me to be her wedding photographer. I'm humbled/thrilled/nervous/all of the feelings about it.

When I agreed, I thought I'd be more of a second shooter- a backup photographer and there wouldn't be much pressure on me other than to just be there and capture what I saw happening. After meeting with her last week and chatting about the wedding plans, I've realized there's a lot more expected of me than I initially realized. I'm totally okay with that, I promise. But I'm antsy because I want to give this sweet friend the best pictures ever!

The ceremony is planned for sunset/dusk and it's a tricky lighting situation. I'm totally confident with natural light photography but flash photography is not my strong point! Still, I'm out at dusk every night now, practicing with my flash and learning the best camera settings for the scenario. I'm down to just a few days left to prepare, and I want to be on my game.

That's not all that's going on, either! In just a few months, my daddy will be retiring from the work he's been doing for more than thirty years and ramping up his consulting business to a full-time enterprise. He's closed down his (ugly, old) website and moved it to a new host and is hoping I can build him a brand new one. Shucks, Dad, you've got so much faith in my abilities! Of course, I agreed to try.

AND THEN, last week, Eric's boss told him he's needed on an out-of-town project. He leaves one week from today and will be gone for a month or more. I don't have any help with the kids, ya'll- no nanny, no babysitter, no daycare. It's just little old me and these two pipsqueaks- oh, and the week of Halloween coming soon around the bend.


So, friends, forgive me. Forgive me if my regular Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule becomes sporadic. Forgive me if I read your blog post but don't get the chance to comment until 10 days later. Forgive me if my emails go unanswered far too long. I'm just over here trying to be superhuman. That's all.

I told you I thrive on challenges, and it's true. If I don't face obstacles every now and then, I start to wilt in the normalcy! So, here's to a season of growing and learning. I can't wait to share some of the progress on my side projects in the weeks to come!

Are you working on any creative side projects right now?

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