November 7, 2014

casual friday | patterned pants

I've had my eyeballs on patterned jeans for quite a while, but I'm slow to adopt styles like that into my closet in real life. That's practical little me again, always afraid to drop money on something that might outlive the lifespan of the trend!

But, did you see the pants I was wearing on voting day? I love them so much, I decided to build a whole outfit around them for you today. The pattern is subtle, so they are perfect for commitment-phobes like me. And now I'm officially a patterned pants convert! The pretty, feminine print was all it took to take a basic outfit and make it feel pulled-together.

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I'm really digging that Aztec-printed tote. I haven't bought a new bag in a really long time, and this might be my next purchase! Last fall, I snagged an ombre denim bag from Target that set the bar really high for my next purse.

I was surprised how much I fell in love with my denim tote, and I've had a hard time imagining another purse could ever satisfy me! Is that crazy, or what? I don't think I've ever carried the same bag as long as I have this one, but it's starting to show signs that its time in my possession has passed, and I'm feeling sort of sad.

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How many handbags have you purchased in 2014?

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