November 3, 2014

eat make do | v. 06

Our Halloween evening trick-or-treating and socializing was a complete success! My bestie invited us to come over for a Halloween party at her house. We try to do playdates often but sometimes life keeps us apart for too long. Our kids have so much fun together, it's so awesome. So, anyway- her family moved into this quaint little subdivision on the exact opposite side of the city (almost an hour away- ugh, how I wish I could have her next door! ) last year. We rolled up into the neighborhood Friday evening and my jaw just hit the floorboard. There were families in costume just crawling the sidewalks- hundreds of kids trick-or-treating!

Pardon me if this seems like a no-brainer to you, but I've honestly never seen this except in movies. Let me explain. When I was growing up, my family didn't celebrate Halloween- I wasn't even allowed to dress up. There was this one time my aunt bought me a Care Bear costume and, well, that didn't go over well with my mom and it was almost quite tragic. But I promise you, my lack of Halloween growing up hasn't traumatized me too much. Whatever.

We've celebrated every Halloween since Seth was born. He's been 1) a skeleton 2) a purple monster 3) a fireman 4) a superhero, and now 5) a knight in shining armor! This was Hawk's first Halloween to dress up, and he made a cute little dragon (even if he wouldn't wear the head). Usually, we go to Eric's parents' house and pick up our nephew for the evening and make the rounds at all our local churches- nearly every one of them hosts some sort of festival or trunk-or-treat. This was our first time to really go trick-or-treating, and I'm sure not our last! Seth had a blast.

Nearly every house in the neighborhood was decorated with spooky lights and lawn ornaments, and all the neighbors were sitting on their porches with bowls of candy. One family even set up a haunted house in their garage, but Seth was too scared to check it out! We had to wait in line at nearly every house, and the line was about eight or nine kids deep sometimes. We came home with quite a haul of candy! I won't lie. I'm sneaking a bit of it for myself when Seth isn't looking.

OK, ya'll. Now that story time is out of the way, let's Eat, Make, Do! This week, I'm inspired by:

eat make do v.6

EAT | One Bowl Banana Bread Cinnamon Rolls by Minimalist Baker
MAKE | DIY Easy Macrame Wall Hanging by Love from Ginger
DO | Ikea Tarva Hack by Burlap and Lace

Whew, story time again. See, I go silent for a week and then I get all Chatty Cathy on you. Mmmmm, don't you love it? Saturday, I was curled up in a chair reading to Seth and this wave of pure joy fell on me as I thought to myself, "This is truly the happiest time of my whole life." I am so thankful- I don't even have the words! This life, it isn't perfect- but God just keeps pouring out blessing on top of blessing. I just had to share that!

That ecstatic feeling was partly fueled by some rearranging/redecorating projects I've taken up around here. Every now and then I get the urge to prettify the house, but I don't always have the funds to back it up. This time, we did have a little extra cash so I treated myself last week. My plan was for Eric to come home and say, "Whoa, is this the right house?" Haha!

I think this is in inherited trait, for real. I remember that whenever my dad went away on business trips when I was a kid, my mom would start these hair-brained projects. Like, one time she pulled out the sheetrock on one side of our living room to uncover an old fireplace- yeah it needed to be done, but couldn't that wait 'til dad was home?! Another time, we pulled up all the carpet in the whole house because she'd found hardwood under it.

I've been kind of vying for excuses to make the drive to Atlanta for an Ikea pilgrimage, and now I'm down to the part where I'm actually making the shopping list. Did you know there's an Ikea app that lets you save your wish list and gives you an estimate of your final total? Love it. I might be adding this dresser to it- I've never completed an "Ikea hack", but there's room for more firsts around here, if you ask me.

So I'm cuddled up with my boys Saturday afternoon, enjoying them, loving the changes taking place in our house, thinking about the holidays that are around the bend, remembering our adventure from the night before, and I just let myself get wrapped up in the euphoria of it all. How could it get better?!

Let me tell you. A few hours later, Eric texts me, "What's for dinner?" That's odd, I think. Maybe he's eating ramen and really missing a home cooked meal. "Leftover chicken alfredo," I replied. Well, about an hour later the back door comes crashing open and I almost passed out in fear. But there was no need for that! It was just Eric, oh, yes! So life could get even better. Turns out, his boss says they can't work seven days a week after all on this job- he'll be able to come home one day each week until the project is done. It might take longer than a month to finish it this way, but I'll take it!

We went out for Mexican, in case you wondered how dinner turned out, and spent Sunday lazing around the house and catching up on laundry. Hooray! That's a perfect weekend for you.

What was the last thing you did to make your home a little more homey?

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