November 24, 2014

eat make do | v. 07

Hello, lovelies! Happy Thanksgiving week, my friends. How was your weekend?

My family got together yesterday to celebrate early, because both my dad and sister will be working Thanksgiving. Last year was actually the only year in memory that we've ever actually gathered on Thanksgiving Day- I don't expect that will happen again anytime soon! Usually, we just chill at home and watch the Macy's Parade while we nom on leftovers on Thanksgiving.

I had a very busy weekend preparing for our family get-together, and I fully intend to be as lazy as possible this week. Seth doesn't have school, which means we can sleep in every day. Eric will be home at least on Thursday and Friday. He may have to be at work this weekend (we don't know yet), but I at least hope to hit up the Christmas tree farm before he goes back!

I have a strict no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving rule. I am seeing so many folks with Christmas decor up already, and it makes me want to scream! Can't the Turkey Day just get a little love? I mean, come on, people.

More power to you if you've already gone there, but I'm just sayin'- for me, it's not going to happen. Believe me, the peer pressure is real. A lot of bloggers already have up Christmas DIY's and gift guides! I'm just not going to go there. Friday is fair game! But until then, this is a Merry Free Zone.

Off my soapbox now. Here's what's inspiring me this week!

eat, make, do | v. 07

EAT | Turkey Pot Pie with Butternut and Pearl Onions by Reluctant Entertainer
MAKE | DIY Copper Candle by the Merrythought
DO | Fall Table Centerpiece by Shanty 2 Chic

I thought that pot pie sounded like a delicious way to handle leftover turkey, and now I'm regretting sending the rest of our bird home with my parents. Last night, when our party started to wrap up, I realized that Eric would be heading back to Georgia soon and I'd be left with all that food to eat by myself. I mean, I just bought new jeans, ya'll. And none of them have elastic waistbands!

So I packed everything up and sent it home with people, and I called my neighbor to come over and rescue me from a mountain of cookies and pumpkin loaf. He gladly obliged. He says he'll share it all with the folks in his office today, but I'm not going to hold him to it.

So, Seth went home with Eric's parents last night, and today the house will seem awfully lonely and quiet. Hawk is a good little helper, though, and we'll have fun cleaning up the post-party disaster areas together.

I'd like to catch up on my blog reading, too, but I'm not sure it will happen. I plan to try, but first I have to install the new OS X Yosemite on my Macbook. I've been putting it off because I'd read that a bunch of people were having trouble with the install, but now all my programs are running s l o o o o w and wonky and I have a feeling the update is the only way out. I don't know how it's going to go down, but I can tell you it took two days (2!!! <--- three exclamation points!!!) to download it. Let's just hope the install is quicker than that. Ergh.

Soooo.... now that I've downloaded all the contents of my brain to this post, as well- how was your weekend?!

When do you put up your Christmas decorations?

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