November 26, 2014

mood | contented

Everything this week just feels so right. As I'm write this, midnight has ticked past and both my boys are curled next to each other in my bed, occupying the spot made vacant in Eric's absence. The little one is sleeping fitfully: three times since I started working on this mood board, I've had to crawl in next to him and soothe him back to sleep. I'm beginning to think his shiny new amber teething necklace is junk: it doesn't seem to help. But... there they are. My boys lying in my bed, breathing steadily in the cool air in my bedroom, and I think life is good.

Eric will be home this evening, and he'll be here all weekend. So, his paycheck this week will be short, but God knows I'll trade it all just to be with him. We'll be carving turkey with his family tomorrow and paying a visit to the Christmas tree farm first thing Friday morning. I'm so pleased, so content, so full of happiness. Maybe we'll go on a date this weekend. For sure, there will be some holiday crafting, cinnamon bread baking, Christmas music playing, advent calendar preparing, and general merry making! Yes, we are so blessed, and I am soaking in it. Thanksgiving, indeed.

mood | contented
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