November 12, 2014

weary bone.

Ugh, I know. I've been far less than social lately. I'm looking wistfully at my Bloglovin' app and thinking to myself... "Oh, woe is me. How I long to scroll thy feed!" (insert dramatic swooning motion here.)

I'm so ready to be done with these wedding photos I've been editing for going on three weeks now, see them delivered to my newly wed friend, and be on with life as normal. The whole process has been a privilege- I'm so grateful for the experience and for the confidence she's put in me.

I love this work, but it's hard to balance all the balls I've got in the air- this blog, my photography, church and Seth's school and trying to keep our house from burning down while Eric is away, much less keeping the kids fed and diapered and bathed and generally happy to boot. Spoiler alert- they haven't been happy most of the time (I think if Seth hears me say, "Not today, babe, I've got to work on these pictures..." one more time, he might explode- and I don't even want to discuss the baby's overall mood. The word deplorable comes to mind...)


I powered through to finish the last of the photos yesterday, and now I'm in the homestretch. There's even a few pictures of our little kitty friend here that made the cut- hey, he deserves to be remembered as part of the day, too! Right? I've got some organizing and fine tuning to do before I put all these files on a disc and call myself done. You guys, this is why wedding photographers cost thousands of dollars. I did not charge thousands of dollars. Haha!

Ya'll, I'm planning to lay low the rest of this week and recuperate. I don't want to do that, but Lord knows I need it. My brain feels fried.  This, right here, is exactly why I am not "on the market" as a photographer full-time. As much as I'd love it, my family is far more important and I hate putting them on a back burner for anything! Hopefully a little break will do my creative bone some good and next week I can get back to the "regularly scheduled programming".

Obviously, I believe in the power of taking a break. If you've been around any length of time, you know I do that occasionally (more lately than usual!), and it does wonders for me, my attitude, and pretty much everything I do. So, count this post as permission. If you need a break, take it. Don't apologize to anyone- just do it! You can thank me later.

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