November 17, 2014

weekend adventures.

So, this one time, I took my kids to IKEA and realized when we arrived that I'd (inadvertently, subconsciously?) dressed them both in Swedish national colors, just like the iconic furniture retailer's logo.

Oh, yeah. That happened yesterday. So, once realized, I was compelled to take them both out in front of the store and commemorate the day.

Photo Nov 16, 2 57 36 PM

Here's how it all went down:

Friday night, I delivered the finished wedding pictures to my newly married friend and her dashing husband. We chowed down on some pizza while we watched a slideshow of the pictures on the TV and laughed until our jaws hurt.

With that job completed, Saturday morning dawned feeling void- Eric wasn't coming home and I didn't have pictures to edit (that's all I've done for three weeks, hence three weeks of substandard content on this here 'ol blog- MY BAD). What to do?

On the spur of the moment, I decided to pack for a road trip. I texted Eric to tell him we were coming and called in a favor to my mother-in-law to check in on the pets. So, Saturday afternoon, I loaded up the car and me and the troops headed northeast through cow country to visit Eric. I swear, I've never seen so many cotton fields and cows and more cows in my life!

Eric picked up some dinner for us at Applebees, and we watched the Lego Movie on HBO, all cuddled up in the Motel 6 bed in Nowheresville, Georgia. It was wonderful! Of course, we all had a hard time sleeping and Seth fell out of the bed- twice! Thank God for Siri, because when I packed us up first thing yesterday morning and cranked up the car, the first thing I did was say, "Siri, where is the nearest Starbucks?" And she dutifully led me a little south to a Venti Pike Place and blueberry muffins for breakfast.

We were about an hour north of Atlanta now, so of course we had to visit IKEA. I hadn't been in four years- since Seth was a wee baby strapped onto my chest in a Moby wrap. I had emptied the trunk in preparation for a possible haul, but to be honest? I was a little underwhelmed this time.

I don't know why- I've always had so much fun at IKEA in the past, but this time I just didn't l-o-v-e anything I found. I took a shopping list, and several of the main items I was hunting were sold out- womp womp. But we did snag a rocking moose for the littlest one. There's always that.

I got a few linens and some new pictures for the bedroom wall, and Seth picked a playmat with roads printed on it to drive his Matchbox cars around. It was an adventure, all told. I don't know if taking two kids under five to IKEA with no adult companion was the bravest dumbest thing I've ever done, but obviously we all survived and have arrive home intact.

So, that was my weekend- how was yours?

What is the bravest dumbest thing you've ever done?

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