December 3, 2014

down time.

There's nothing like the onset of a good old-fashioned cold to humble you really quickly. I felt it coming on Saturday evening, and with it came more than a little bit of discouragement. Eric was home four days for the holiday weekend, and while it was such a treat, I knew he had to return to work Sunday evening and it made me sad.

I was so low on Monday morning, I couldn't even take Seth to school. I had coughed so much my head felt like it would split open, and the pain brought waves of nausea with it.

Tuesday, I was scheduled with my dentist to replace an old crown, but I had to cancel the appointment because of the cough. My mother-in-law had already agreed to keep the kids during my dentist appointment, so I took them to her anyway and came home... to nap. Of the 10,000 things I felt like I'd want to do with the stolen free time, all I could bring myself to do was sleep.


As good as I am at being imperfect, you'd think I'd have learned by now to accept it. I haven't. I expect myself to be able to perform exceptionally all the time in all my roles: as a wife, a mother, friend, blogger, you-name-it. Sometimes it takes a little virus to knock me off my high horse and remind me to be good to myself while I'm at it.

In other news, we put up our Christmas tree Friday night and I'm sure it's the loveliest one we've ever had. This year, we chose a Leland Cypress, and it has the prettiest texture and sturdy enough branches to hold up our favorite ornaments. That is, if it had ornaments- my children have decided that ornaments on trees are overrated. I find them scattered all over the house, the bottom half of my tree is naked!

Also, I put together our very first advent calendar this year. I was inspired by this one, but our branch didn't hold up, and I just hammered nails in the wall and hung the packages that way instead. Score: Perfection- 0, Improvisation- 1.

I happen to know that today's advent package contains instructions to go to the mall and pick an "angel" from the Salvation Army's Angel Tree. It's really important to me for my boys to see us being generous, and I thought this would be a fun and practical way to remind them before we get too involved in being on the receiving end that the Christmas season should be about about giving to others above all!

I'm not sure if I really feel well enough yet to brave the mall alone with these two hooligans, but I know I've got to give it a try. I'm amping myself up with copious amounts of coffee and Dayquil while Seth is in school. Wish me the best!

What are some of your favorite Christmas season traditions?

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