December 29, 2014

eat make do | v. 08

Ah, the week following Christmas. No wonder so many people start decluttering their homes in January! All the minimizing in the world could not have prepared us for the onslaught of new toys and stuff that have taken over our home. I'm not complaining! It was overall wonderful. How did you fare?

I think it's high time to bring the features back onto the schedule- you may have missed them recently. December has been a crazy, hectic, sickly, listless, uninspired month. I'm definitely looking forward to the new opportunities a change on the calendar inevitably will bring!

Take a look at what's inspiring me lately:

eat make do | v. 08

EAT | Spinach Tomato Orzo Soup by Eclectic Recipes
MAKE | DIY Leather Wrapped Vases and Votive Holders
DO | All About Reading + Moveable Alphabet by Cloistered Away

I love all things soup when winter rolls around. I'll be making a lot of soup and homemade bread to go with it in the months to come, and I can't wait to try this yummy spinach/tomato/orzo combination. Also, I have some leather hanging around on my crafting shelf (I have one of those now, did you know?) that would love to be used beautifully very soon. You had me at "glue gun".

Finally, I'm inspired by Bethany's posts about her family's homeschooling journey over at Cloistered Away. I haven't written about this at all, but my spirit has been nudged over the last few months to reconsider homeschooling for our kids. I'd toyed with the idea a while back, but I gave up on the idea, and we enrolled Seth in a private kindergarten this year.

I'll be spending some time praying, learning all I can, and looking at curriculums in the months to come. I have some trepidations about the whole process- how much of me will I lose by giving my time to this endeavor, will the boys receive me well in the role of teacher, will I have the right amount of discipline- and flexibility- to make homeschooling a wonderful experience?

I know every homeschool mom wonders these things at some point, but that's what's really on my heart these days. Any advice you have to give is welcome here!

What is your favorite wintertime meal?

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