December 31, 2014

(goodbye 2014) hello 2015!


Have you ever noticed how there's so much pressure at the end of the year to set big goals for the year to come? Resolutions, bucket lists, 52-or-365 projects- they come in many forms.

I've tried for the past several years to complete different projects. One year, I tried a 365-day photo challenge. I fizzled by March. In 2014, I attempted to read 52 books- one for each week. I burned out by the end of summer and just quit reading altogether. Still, I managed to read more books than I did in 2013- so I call the "project" a success.

But here's the question I pose to you today- is more really better? Is quantity the finish line we should strive for?

"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." (Ansel Adams)

I recalled this quote by Ansel Adams recently, and I started to really ponder the implications of the iconic photographer's statement. He didn't say, "A good photographer will definitely produce 12 great photos in one year." He said twelve is a good crop- some years may fall short. And that's ok!

For 2015, I want to take one day at a time and really focus on stewarding my time well. I want to take better care of myself and be intentional in loving people and offering hospitality. I want to read my Bible differently in the new year- with more attention and passion.

Some of the things I want to do may take my focus away from blogging. For one thing, I've been curiously (jealously) watching creative people making things with their hands for many years. I want to begin making tangible things to enjoy, as well! Also, the homeschooling thing.

While I admit that Hello Hive is not going to be a priority this year, I'm committing not to abandon ship! If there's one thing I've learned from experience, it's that I desperately need this form of expression, and the community that comes with it. Shaping this hobby to fit my lifestyle continues to be a struggle, but I'm determined!

Tonight, we will probably stick close to home and go to bed early. We so rarely see the midnight hour anymore, but I'm sure the neighbors will make some noise to wake us (and the dog) from our peaceful slumber when the time comes. How the times change! It was nine years ago today that we enjoyed our first date, and I'm sure we stayed up until sunrise that year...

I pray your New Year's Eve celebrations are festive and happy! Stay safe, and I'll see you around next year!

How about you- what are your goals for the New Year? Share your vision for 2015 in the comments below!

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