December 9, 2014

tree farm tromping.

We went to the Christmas tree farm almost two weeks ago- and now I finally have pictures to show you. I don't know why I put off getting these pictures from the memory card to my computer for so long! Procrastination is no one's friend: especially not mine. I'm a work in progress, friends.

This year, our nephew tagged along with us. It was a brisk day but so beautiful! We've gone to the same farm for three years in a row. This little tradition is all I need to give my holiday spirit a jump-start!

Here's a peek at our day:












  1. As far as the eye can see... trees.
  2. Between rows.
  3. Practicing his wave for the red carpet (one day).
  4. He wields a fierce saw.
  5. A merry band of explorers.
  6. Big bro | Little bro
  7. Obligatory selfie w/ the hubs (to prove I was there).
  8. This is The One!
  9. Helping daddy pull the tree to our destination.
  10. A sprig livening up our kitchen window.
  11. Presenting: our perfect tree, 2014 style.

So, I peeked back through the archives and discovered that I haven't shared any lifestyle photography since, about, oh.... this time here. Oof. That's totally unacceptable! I'm going to try and remedy that in the months to come.

I have a little tip for you about lifestyle photography. This is earth shattering! Ready for it? If you want good photography for your blog, it begins with living a life worth blogging about. BAM. Think on that for a while, lovelies.

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