February 13, 2015

hanging around.

Hello, lovelies. So, miracles do happen... I've got some time for blogging tonight. My most excellent honey has taken the kids away for the evening, and I can actually hear myself think. I just felt like dropping in this evening to let you all know I'm still around! But seriously, though? Quite obviously in the depths of a creative funk.

It happens to the best of us.

My little sidekicks have been keeping me busy lately. Want to see them? Here:


Yup, hanging around.


That hair!

I digress.

I've had some pretty great things happen to me in the last few weeks, and a healthy dose of lame things, as well. Great = I was asked to co-lead the most awesome Bible study with a most awesome group of ladies from my church. Lame = I wound up in the ER with pneumonia one night, followed hot on the heels by Seth's fifth birthday (which, for the record, he spent hugging a porcelain deity... icky stomach virus!).

These days, I struggle to get Seth out of bed in the morning- he kicks and screams, and I can't blame him. Bedtimes aren't seamless, either, and by the time the kids finally pass out, I'm semiconscious and cranky.

Mommy's "me time" happens only a few times a week lately, and only when Seth is in school and Hawk is strapped into the carseat. Between 9:30 and 10:00am, I grab a book and a travel mug of coffee and we go for a ride. I wait until he's asleep, then I pull into a church parking lot and sit in the shade with a book on my lap and coffee in hand. #sneakymomtactics

So, that's pretty much the content of my life lately. Not much to see here, folks! What have you been up to?
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