April 20, 2015

"rain, rain..."

"...let's go play!"

I found some sunny hues to chase away the rainy day blues. Now, maybe we can all sing a new tune!

(umbrella | jacket | boots | cream)

In all seriousness, we're coming off one of the wettest weeks in recent memory. I don't know that it's been the rainiest April in history, but maybe a close runner-up. Or perhaps it just seems like it because Seth asked to play soccer this spring, and in two months he's only been able to play in two games.

Our second game was this weekend, and I have to tell you- it was quite the damp, muddy affair. It rained non-stop for nearly 36 hours prior to the game Saturday morning, and the field was a mess! It was the kind of mud that grabs hold of your shoes and sucks them deeper- total ick.

I hope May will bring dryer weather for our first season as a soccer family. Meanwhile, I think some flashy rain boots are in order (and what's not to love about a cheeky bumbershoot?). The classic yellow rain jacket and anti-frizz cream just go without saying.

We have two make-up games scheduled this week. I'm not thrilled- getting home after 8:30 pm and having to administer bath time to tired, cranky children on a school night is not my cup of tea. However, come to think of it, a cup of tea does sound like a nice remedy to the rainy day blues, too...

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