April 15, 2015

sweet spot.

Hello, world. Remember me? I'm perhaps the world's most inconsistent blogger. But I'm still around!

It's been a couple of quiet months since last time I appeared in your feed, but you haven't been missing much (I promise). Life has had a peaceful sameness about it recently, and I've been enjoying every bit. I wake up before dawn each morning and enjoy a few moments of quiet before getting the boys up and trekking Seth to his school. I play with Hawk and read or watch TV during his naps, then I pick Seth up from school and we spend our afternoons on chores and playing outside until dinner. Then we wind down for bed and prepare to do it all over again.


I've spent much of my life yearning for this kind of happy, simple life- I'm filled with gratitude for having received it. Too often, when things get complicated, it's my own fault. For that reason, I've been so conscious and protective of the peacefulness. This "sweet spot" that I've found is precious. How ironic that my desire to share this simple life with you is the one thing that tends to complicate life so unnecessarily! That's why I have to step back from time to time.

I'm noticing a rhythm to the creative funk that interrupts my writing- it always seems to come in the same season. Right after the new year, and in the middle of winter- when the shadows inside our house are deeper and the cold air creeps through the drafty windowpanes, I retreat. I'm beginning to believe the creative hibernation is not only natural, but necessary.

I suspected spring would revive my desire to write and photograph and create, and it has! Maybe I'll collect some new things to blog about in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for me on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest in the weeks to come. XOXO!

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