May 21, 2015

school rules.

Today is day four of many in our life as a homeschooling family, and I'm pleased as punch! Goodness, no- it's not really easy. But I know we're doing the right thing, so I'm content.

Seth finished preschool last week, and I'm so grateful for his teacher this year and the foundation she poured for me. I'm thrilled with how much he already knows! To my great surprise, he's already about a week ahead in the lessons I had planned for reading, and he's begging me to let him go farther! I had pegged him for a math kid... (so why not both?)

All around us, people are chattering about summer break and the last day of school, so some folks may wonder why we decided to get started so early. I guess my thought about that is, why should learning have to stop and start for particular seasons? I'd love to see my kids grow up seeing learning as a natural function of life.


This week so far, we:

  • Made a list of "School Rules", including Pray first and Be kind and Take care of each other, our home and our community and The lesson plan is a roadmap. Detours are welcome! Enjoy the journey.
  • Almost finished reading Charlotte's Web.
  • Made watercolored butterflies out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners.
  • Conducted a science experiment to determine if a bird's feathers are waterproof.
  • Went to the library twice and the park one time.
  • Made homemade crackers together and topped them with Italian seasonings. Yum!
  • Used the feathers from our science experiment for painting and collage.
  • Practiced handwriting a LOT. Seth isn't too fond of this activity, but his improvement with a little coaching is remarkable!
  • Discussed communities and our place in the world as a whole.
  • Listened to an audiobook of Judy Blume reading Superfudge
  • Went for several walks together through the neighborhood and chatted with all our neighbors.
And it's only Thursday! What have you been up to lately?

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