May 27, 2015

why "hello hive"?

I realized recently that I've never shared the original intent behind the choice of my blog's name. I must admit that somewhere along the way (really, quite shortly after beginning this blog), I lost sight of the purpose I had in mind for Hello Hive from the start. I'm certain that's probably contributed to my long season of quiet!

Hello Hive was originally intended to be a blog about home and hospitality. I draw an easy comparison between my home and a bee's hive- it's always buzzing with the activity of keeping up with these kids. I love to imagine busy bees, making their honey while keeping up with their ordinary to and fro.

I always want my home to be productive and sweet: organized and beautiful: welcoming and cozy. I like to be quick with the hellos and reluctant to say goodbye. Hospitality is important to me, and a welcoming atmosphere is one way to show generosity to guests in your home. As a homemaker, I feel like it's important for my husband to look forward to coming home each evening (not feeling dread for the chaos he might find here- though chaos does arrive on our doorstep pretty regularly!) and it's important when we have company that they feel comfortable in our home.

Miel Urbain #6

Soon after I started blogging here, I began to get really discouraged about the idea I had for Hello Hive, so my posts turned more to lifestyle and journal-style entries. Ugh, I hate to admit my failures! But, there it is. I want to write about something I love and feel passionate about, but I often feel disqualified from that call because I haven't achieved perfection yet.

I want to share simple home improvements, but I can't because improvements aren't happening around here. I want to give you before and after tours of our home, but we're in a constant state of "before". I lament the kitchen remodel that never comes and the bathroom updates we can't afford to do. I want to share gardening tips, but I'm too busy trying to keep my toddler from beheading the petunias prematurely to take pictures. I want to share recipes we love, but my food styling skills are lacking and my geriatric camera is often more trouble than it's worth.

Often, I find myself starting a post about something that fits my vision for the blog, but a few paragraphs in my text begins to spiral down into a tone of whiny complaining, and I have to scrap the whole idea to move on to something else! Geez, that's embarrassing to admit, because I don't want to be that blogger! But I hope that admitting my shortcomings and sharing my vision for Hello Hive will jumpstart a season of more focused and purposeful blogging.

It can be a real challenge to brand a blog and stay true to your "voice". There are so many wonderfully unique and relevant blogs out there that truly stand out above the rest: how can you compete? For starters, I think it's important to quit trying to compete.

If you've been around these parts long, you know I don't shy away from vulnerable, so here it is. I have a jealous spirit and I'm always comparing myself to the people around me. I think about some of you that might be sort of like me in this way, and I don't want to share home inspirations anymore because I don't want to make you feel the shame of "less than" and "not good enough" that plagues me. I want you to come away from my blog inspired and encouraged! Isn't that true hospitality- to leave someone else's space feeling better for the experience?

To that end, I'd like to totally rebrand Hello Hive and start off on a new foot. I've been brainstorming a lot but it's slow going because I don't have much time to really dedicate to it! I just wanted to share this because it's been on my heart and I felt like maybe at least a few of you could relate.

Have you defined your intent for your blog? How well do you "stick to the plan"? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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