June 17, 2015

a nature inspired bedrooms for boys.

When it comes to the topic of redecorating his bedroom, Seth is one tough customer. Bless that boy, he's just not a big fan of change. Were it not for the dingy-looking walls and that hideous "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" Fathead sticker collection his grandparents gave him for Christmas two years ago- I might not feel the need to push the issue.

But I'm pushing the issue.

It's time for a change, and I think I've finally got his (reluctant) attention. My boy is going to be in grade school before we know it. And it won't be too long before it's time to move Hawk in there with him, so "Seth's room" will eventually become "the boys' room". Slow down, time! It's time to makeover the big boy room.

Seth has really taken a shine to fishing with his daddy of late. I think he'd rather be exploring the woods than anything else, with the exception of reading! We need to arrange a better system for storing toys (including a more judicious eye for which toys remain accessible at all times). I've finally seen him get excited about changing his room decor up, as long as he can have some things to remind him of fishing and exploring, and a nifty place to store his favorite reads.

Here's some inspiration rooms I've been sharing with Seth as we discuss the upcoming changes:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I was surprised to find that he picked some of the vintage details in these pictures as his favorite things- the golden eagle plaque (I think my in-laws may have one just like it in storage!) and the vintage animal poster, a painted animal figure and sports pennants. Two of these rooms feature Spiderman posters- can you spot them? We're loving all things comic books, so that's a detail we'll have to include.

Do a quick search on Pinterest for "boys bedroom ideas"- you'll be surprised how little there is to find. Too many are short on personality and long on narrow themes. Which is great if your kid is a sold-out soccer fan or die-hard skateboarder/surfer/lacrosse player or is dying to live in a room that looks identical the the inside of a pirate ship.

I love the quirkiness of these rooms! I'm drawing inspiration from eclectic, nature-inspired rooms for this project. My boy has a revolving door of interests and colorful taste. He needs a space with room to accommodate a wild, always-roaming imagination.

And no offense, Jake of Neverland- it's time for you to head on the the second star on the right, then straight on 'til morning. #wink

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