June 19, 2015

give me jesus.

If I could describe my recent spiritual condition to you in one word, I'd say "parched". Does that surprise you? It's easy to look at other people's lives and think they've got it all together, but let me take any illusions you might have about my life and dispel them right now.

I'm far from together. In fact, broken into pieces is much more like it.

Sometimes, life needs has to be taken apart so it can be put back together right again. Lately, God has been disassembling every bit of me. I look forward tothe moment when He starts to put the pieces back together, and I have confidence He'll use his Spirit-glue to make me stronger than I was before.


Mornings are my one opportunity to catch a breath and recuperate from this crazy life and the soul weariness that comes along with it. In the quiet before the rest of the family begins to stir, I try to find a few moments to hear the Fixer working away in my heart. I need His Words, His scripture, like oil to lubricate the rusty parts inside me.

Sometimes it's hard to absorb any inspiration at all when feeling this empty. How does one jumpstart a new spiritual season? Even though I'm not sure how to address that question right now, I do know one thing. A few moments in quiet worship each morning always lead to better days. When the first actions of the morning are ordered around your heart's desire, you'll draw nearer to the goal. Even if the movement is imperceptible at first, over time you'll grow by leaps and bounds.

Even if the best I can offer God this morning is a few moments with the praise and worship station on my Pandora app, open Bible in front of me (as if by just holding it in my lap the words might fly up off the page and pour into my soul), coffee in hand and a seeking heart turned toward Him- I trust He is working on me still. He will begin to fill me again soon.

I'm praying for God's living water to come down and saturate me once more, this weekend and beyond. I pray the same for each of you. Happy Friday, my friends!

(♪ Give me Jesus )

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