June 5, 2015

gratitude | v. 09


This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)
  • I feel like blogging again, ya'll! I can't even begin to explain the overwhelm that took over me a few months back. I'd sit in front of the screen and draw a total blank. But God's been nudging me lately, letting me know I'd get my creative bone back one day soon. Last week, I had a day of crazy brainstorming and came up with enough material to cover 3+ months on my editorial calendar! Now, I'm going to try and be disciplined about it so I don't get burned out, but just so you know- I'm not at a loss for ideas over here.
  • Looking up old songs my daddy used to listen to on YouTube just for the nostalgia of it.
  • Our local library system and the inter-library loan. We've been totally abusing the privilege lately! You can request almost any book from 40 libraries in the Birmingham metro area and have them delivered to the branch closest to you.
  • Speaking of books, we started listening to an audiobook here or there, and now Seth is obsessed. He'd rather listen to an audiobook than watch a movie. That's my boy!
  • Hawk doesn't say much- a boy of few words. But when new ones arrive, it's like watching someone see for the first time! Then, it's the same thing on repeat. Recently, all he wants to say is "dada's keys". Give him a bowl full of key rings, and he's occupied for at least thirty minutes.
  • We planted a small garden, and the sunflowers and string beans have started to sprout. Also accounted for? Blueberries and strawberries. Wish my thumbs some luck! Going for the green ones here.
  • A basket of plump, locally grown peaches.
  • A husband that senses my nerves are thin and volunteers to take the kids to the zoo for the afternoon.
  • Just got this cookbook in the mail the other day. I'll certainly be adding some of the recipes to my meal plan!

What Classic song takes you back to your childhood more than any other?

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