June 24, 2015

imagining a boho luxe master bedroom.

Can I let you in on a little secret? I've never actually decorated our master bedroom. We've been living in this house for eight years, and our bedroom has never seen a paintbrush in that time. And it could really use some attention!

I know we're not the only ones in the world living with a less than wonderful master bedroom- I think a lot of people put off fixing their sleeping quarters because it's not a public space. No one's hanging out in here- so why bother making it beautiful?

We so rarely have money in our budget for special things, when we do have a little extra to spend on home improvements, it's easy to rationalize that other spaces are a higher priority. Therefore, our bedroom has become a landing zone for the items that we no longer want displayed in the living area but haven't quite had the heart to part with altogether. It's a crazy mess!

I think it's time to pour some imagination into our master bedroom, don't you think? Eric has been forewarned- the next windfall that comes our way will be allocated to this project. First of all, the walls need a fresh coat of paint- I'm thinking something light and airy. We'll also need to install some new baseboards and trim out the doors. I also want to try a new furniture arrangement.

Our mattress lives on the floor these days (a dear friend generously gave us her king-sized mattress a few months back, after she and her husband decided to upgrade. Our old bed was a queen, so the frame went to go live in storage)- so a proper bed is in order! I've been scouring Craigslist, but I haven't found anything to suit my fancy yet. I think a four-poster bed would be amazing! Our bedroom has higher ceilings, so it would work.

I'm dreaming up a bohemian luxe retreat, with rich color, aged bronze accessories, cozy velvet pillows and layers of global pattern and earthy details. I'm far from committing to a design just yet, but here are some pretty possibilities:


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