June 8, 2015

june bookshelf.

A lot of books pass through this home. I'm pretty sure (between me and my oldest son) we read more than the average family. Sometimes, I have to force myself to slow down and enjoy the process rather than rushing though to move on to the next book! I just want to consume as many as I possibly can.

I'm pretty bad about keeping more than one book going at one time, and eventually forgetting one for a long period of time. Or, I'll go to the library with the intention of getting one book in particular, but I come home with an armload. I'm trying to get better about that- all in the name of making a more simple life, you know.

I logged on to Goodreads the other day to update my status on a book I'd just returned to the library, and I realized there's a book on my "reading" shelf that I haven't touched in a while. It's an e-book, and I haven't even turned on my Kindle lately. I guess it's out of sight, out of mind! I'd ordered a paperback copy of the Husband's Secret a few weeks ago, and it had been staring at me from the shelf where I'd stashed it, so naturally I'd already dove into it without thinking of the other book I haven't finished. Oh, well...

So, here's what I've been reading lately:


PAST: Design Mom by Gabrielle Stanley Blair
PRESENT: The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
WITH THE KIDS: Home by Carson Ellis
FUTURE: Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman

Do you prefer e-books over "real" books? Why or why not?

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