June 29, 2015

on words + house cleaning.

I really think I talk to much. This has been on my mind a bit the past few days. It's ironic, because there's not really that much to talk about. My life is pretty bland- most days are identical, honestly. Perhaps that's part of the problem. I spend so much time cooped up at home with two kids, and then when you get me out in public with adults, my mouth opens up and I am entirely powerless to shut it again.

I think I do this online, too. For real, who even reads every word of every blog post in their feeds anymore? Not I. There's just too much information out there, too many awesome ideas, too much clatter on the virtual airwaves. It's entirely impossible to soak up everything there is to been seen/read/pinned/tweeted/grammed. But, Lord, don't we try?! I know I do. But still, when I sit down to write a blog post, I feel like I have to get in all the words I can. It's a disease, really.

Eventually, my brain spins out of control and sparks start shooting out of my ears, and I suddenly feel like I have nothing to say at all. Ok, perhaps I only imagine the ear sparks. But you get the idea, I hope! The point is, sometimes I feel really embarrassed about the words that come pouring out of my mouth/fingers. Why can't I just edit myself better than this, already? It's truly not necessary to put all of yourself out there for the world to see.


This week, my focus is turned a little more inward. I'm going to really put some effort into learning to listen more than I speak. I'm going to attempt to set my physical house in order, too, because I'm sort of embarrassed by how lazy I've been lately and we're going to have out-of-town company later this week. Read: I've got some mega-housecleaning on my plate. I also have a tower of books that need to be read and sent back to the library soon!

Well, on that note, it's Monday again and I'm headed off into the week ahead. So now let me put my listening ears to practice! It's your turn- what are planning for this week? Is there anything that's been on your mind lately? How was your weekend?

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