July 13, 2015

gathering dust.

I've almost stopped using my DSLR camera altogether. Lately, all my pictures have been captured with my iPhone 5, and I don't even take many pictures that way at all! Not in relation to the amount of pictures I was taking two and three years ago, anyway.

In some ways, I'm frightened that I'll later regret not having as many pictures of this era in our lives. On the other hand, I do feel like I am more fully experiencing life right now- I'm more engaged with the moments happening around me, rather than interacting with them as an observer.

On average, I get my DSLR camera out about once a month. It needs to be sent off for repair, actually- something is wonky with the light sensor, and I have to make educated guesses to choose settings for correct exposure (which must be done manually 100% of the time- whatever is wrong has caused the preset/priority modes to malfunction as well). We just don't have money in the budget for camera repairs. So the "big girl camera" is gathering dust on a shelf in our bedroom at the moment!

The boys and I headed outside to play one day recently, and I decided to take to opportunity to get a few pictures of them together. I found these matching t-shirts for them this spring, and they were still hanging in the closet with tags on! Shameful, I know. But, here you go- a picture of them looking like they actually like each other! And then playing in the dirt instead of looking at the camera. And finally, we spent the rest of our time outside playing on the tire swing, because that's just what we do.




(I promise Hawk doesn't always look so worried, haha!)

I feel like my camera skills are getting rusty but I can't be too upset about this kind of thing. Life is full to the hilt, and I'm trying to soak it all it. I spend far too much time absorbed in trying to control details instead of enjoying the big picture, do you know what I'm saying?! I think maybe I needed my camera to break so I could realize this.

I have so much to say, but the little ones are awake and I'm typing with one hand now. Eric is working double shifts every day this week and Hawk has decided now is a good time to quit napping. My editorial plan for the blog is about two weeks behind now, and I haven't had a moment for checking my social feeds lately. That's making this more of a one-sided conversation than I want it to be, but I can't change it. I'm stretched in every direction, but confident this too shall pass! Happy Monday- here's hoping you all have a fantastic week!

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