July 6, 2015

gratitude | v. 10

The truth is, new furniture or a better house will never really satisfy- they will just set new, higher standards for what is acceptable to us for our comfort and contentment. When you take care of what you have and find joy right where you are, you set the right tone and expectations for contentment in all circumstances moving forward. (From Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels)
  • This song, on repeat. I've been deep in all the feels, and knowing true freedom is the one thing keeping my head over water.
  • Morning coffee on the couch in our library room, watching the sun move over the tree outside the window.
  • Nobody lost a finger playing with bottle rockets over the weekend.
  • Today is the first day of Summer Blast, which is like VBS on steroids! This is the first year Seth is old enough to attend, and he's beyond pumped up. And I'm planning coffee dates with my gal pals for the next few days!
  • I finally found the best homemade biscuit recipe. I've only been searching for years!
  • We're in a brand new sermon series at church called "Dream Again", and I feel like God intended the message just for me.
  • Yummy squash, straight from the garden.
  • This summer has been unseasonably bearable. By this, I mean that I don't feel like I'm swimming in soup every time I go outside. I realize August has yet to arrive, but for now I'm enjoying the nice weather!
  • Kids rolling in the grass.

What has been your favorite thing about summer so far?

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