July 18, 2015


I've had a feeling for a few months that everything about life as we know it is about to change. This week, we're simmering in the news that will likely deliver that change. The evidence we've been given points to "All The Things Are About To Get Real" and it's not good news.

Nevertheless, my Lord Jesus is above it all. I don't see how anyone makes it through life without the Living Hope! I'm leaning into my Savior's arms now- deeply, abandoned. I need him in every part of me.

Sometimes, circumstances feel desperate. In this life, there is trouble on top of trouble. If you don't grasp the concept that we are only visitors on this earth- given possession of a temporary body containing a permanent, eternal soul- goodness, the pain of life will overwhelm you.

Friends, don't be concerned about me. Rest assured, I am fine and healthy and strong- however, I'm going to need to stay that way. I need to be strong for everyone around me. I'm not ready to share everything, but I'm sure I will in time. Meanwhile, you can find me on Instagram, and perhaps Twitter. I'll be around. (XOXO) 

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